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Smokescreen by bohemianpoets Smokescreen :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 3 9
No Named slobs throw books too
I woke up last night and decided to write a poem about me
Look, I’ll keep this short because I’m uncomfortable talking about myself and frankly, I’m not that interesting.
Chapter One:
I bought a braile book and tore loose all the pages.
One of my eyes is pale and the other is brown (heterochromia, nobody knows)
In high school learned sign language so I could talk to a girl with no friends. She signed back and told me she thought of killing herself the night before and that she liked my hair, my eyes.
When she left I cried.
Chapter Two:
I’m just a no named slob wants to write books on “how to be happy” and throw them at people  
I’ve heard people say ridiculous things like I’m "lovely” and “enigmatic” and “Beautiful”--
I don’t know; I just like to listen to people when they talk, to really listen and not to respond.
Chapter Three:
My hands are always warm no matter what. Sometimes I wonder
:iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 4 3
she greets the day with her hair wet by bohemianpoets she greets the day with her hair wet :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 1 0
How to write a happy letter
I’m writing you a letter to show you how happy I am
and how I found where’s Wally on page 9.
Now, I’ve carefully thought this through with an opening introduction of something clever and witty so you’ll remember how smart I am and how I could always make you laugh till milk came out of your nose so you’d hold your brows with your index finger and thumb and just. Stop. Laughing.
I’ll take a minute to reminisce about the last time I saw you and how I hope you’re doing well and ask how your mother is. Abruptly! I’ll bring something up that has no relation what so ever, in an in attempt to avoid all conversation about how life went on without me
I’ll conclude with how wonderful things are here and how well I’m doing and…
(I haven’t figured the rest quite yet.)
2. 31pm
They’re selling dragon fruit at the market.
I found them in a case beneath the mangoes
and the way you made me feel when I
got out of your car a
:iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 1 12
S t a y  WIP by bohemianpoets S t a y WIP :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 14 2 A portrait of a boy WIP by bohemianpoets A portrait of a boy WIP :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 2 0 Harlequin. II wip by bohemianpoets Harlequin. II wip :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 1 0 Waltz WIP by bohemianpoets Waltz WIP :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 2 0 blueberry. by bohemianpoets blueberry. :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 4 3
An Ode, to Terrible friends and acquaintances.
My heart beats so fast that sometimes I hold down on my chest to make it stop,
Other times it’s like I can’t feel it at all
I ache,  
All. The. Time.
Losing track of time, in thoughts,
Counting trains and shivers
Like a merry-go-round that rushes through my veins and bursts at the seams of my dress.
I loved that dress.
Sometimes it’s like everyone puts me on mute and pretends I’m not there, so I fade into the wallpapers, rattling the chandeliers.
This is how to disappear, completely.
:iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 2 2
Christoph waltz drawing W.I.P by bohemianpoets Christoph waltz drawing W.I.P :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 5 3 Porcelain sketch W.I.P by bohemianpoets Porcelain sketch W.I.P :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 1 3 Somewhere Only We Know III. by bohemianpoets Somewhere Only We Know III. :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 0 0 Somewhere Only We Know II. by bohemianpoets Somewhere Only We Know II. :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 1 1 The Aquarium. by bohemianpoets The Aquarium. :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 6 2 Aquaticlung II. by bohemianpoets Aquaticlung II. :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 11 3
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Artist | Student | Traditional Art

Introverted and enigmatic: Tremendous cloudbursts of emotions are my muse when it comes to creating art.

Aside Tumblr, this is the only place I've displayed work publicly. Work of mine can be found under the former Alias (Jazz_Mraz) on a variety of sites that I am made aware of constantly. While I am flattered, I do prefer to be notified if my work is used unless it's for personal use then I don't mind.

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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 16, 2013, 3:13 PM
Bonjour à tous, I need to become more accustomed to updates, I'm completely absent minded in regards to it but my attempts are better.

Firstly, I am so delighted that more people have heard of christoph waltz, you might recognize him as Dr King Schultz in "Django Unchained" he is one of my top 3 favourite actors of all time! and not to mention i love him so much! anyway, I'm so delighted more people are noticing him and speaking of his talents, the movie in question, is amazing.
Herr Waltz by SilentKW

Above is an incredible drawing of him, click and take a closer look

Secondly, I got a few university acceptance letters.. (again) I applied at everywhere;

UNSW (COFA), Sydney Uni (SAC), Wollongong, and once again to Ecole Régionale des beaux-arts de Nantes - in france...

I got into all, but my concern is that I didn't know where in art I wanted to explore/study next till the very last minute so the course I finally realized I wanted to do was actually the only thing i didn't get because it was too full, but I've been recommended to reapply, which I certainly will next year. It's just momentarily disheartening but alas, such is life. So I might just do this visual art course in the main time.

I have been working on a variety of new art since I've kept myself secluded the entire week, I've discovered the artist Patrick Watson, who ironically wasn't a new discovery because he was already on my itunes, his music is brilliant, I felt as if I was listening to James Vincent McMorrow's protege, though I'm fairly sure He was around longer than Mr McMorrow.

So much brilliant art, so little time, here are my small featured artists for now.

My Features for the week

Mature Content

of strange and gauzy threads by mickwag
pulling teeth by turningshadow wedge by turningshadow lamp and wedge by turningshadow

Mature Content

katie by turningshadow

Mature Content

infinity by alkor12

Mature Content

An Ancient Petticoat by mickwag
Old Man lurrvee by mitsuu Old Man and The Sea by pesare
fear by alkor12 Yin Yang of World Hunger by Deevad portrait of Charles Darwin by Deevad Colin Firth by AmBr0 i am the lizard king by JakezDaniel Chaplin by faboarts 47 Strangers by younghappy by the sea by Catliv :thumb155473705: night writing by nattrozanska paper cranesone-thousand, one.
the folds and creases,
tracing every deft movement
of my hand, disassociating myself
from the action of -
   folding, bending, tucking, smoothing -
creating paper cranes,
plus one thousand,
it's believed the maker's
wishes shall come true.
one-thousand, seventy-six.
you still stay far away on
little island off the coast of
this seafaring town.
town visit have been kept to
    a minimum
since my altercation -
   no -
since my confession of
undying love, devotion,
admiration from afar. stars
and planetary bodies seem
closer, within reach as my
hand reaches out into the
expansive sky while outlines
of your form can barely make-out
through binocular, ocular
          i'm not stalking.
i just can't bear this staving of
sight, parting of bodies by physical bodies
that shouldn't be -
         my dear, a chance
relearning         i. stardust scatters with the
direction of my pupils –
maybe secretly i am an
astrology teacher, waiting
for a sign to wink
happily at me.
         ii. excuse the rambling
nature of forgotten question
marks, but tell me:
would you like to be the
object of handwritten clichés
would you like to whisper
secrets in my palm
and would you
like to be the possibility
         iii. air brushes against my
skin like the torn petals
of a flower still standing.
[ hold your head up high, honey,
and tell tomorrow to wait just
a while,
         iv. so you can figure out
the difference between
patience and having all the
time in the world. ]
         v. stardust glitters from the
creases of my hands.
perhaps i am not the teacher
but the pupil,
relearning how brilliant
stars can shine.
melodiousthe silent loop
of your abdomen
ribs chest
archer bow bones
beneath your neck
the steep slides
from earlobes
to shoulders
rising and falling
octaves you
ought to
hear that my
favourite song
is the mute one
of your muscles
because one day
the air
will never play
your organs
Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts 100k more minutes mom by contraomnes

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Sexy Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts
When she writes her poems by pesare Moby Dick Shadowbox by Groovygirlsuzy17  :thumb305097115: Adorable Baby Kaia by imaginee il y a by burdge Classic by Briscott
Marie Antoinette by nimroderriver The Two Maries 2 by nimroderriver



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TroyJoseph Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013
I don't know if you're the same Jazz I talked to a few years back and if you are I don't know if you'll remember me. If you aren't then ignore my weirdness. But if you are, then...hey. :D
bohemianpoets Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
troy, I remember you! :) Hello there, hope all is well!
TroyJoseph Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
AHAHA! I knew it! Maame I missed you so much! I hope you're doing well too! I've managed to stop being a hermit. I'm actually about to start law school in January. :D
bohemianpoets Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
That's incredible! you've done so well!!
so when are you coming to sydney? haha
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ScribbledNotes Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
I was feeling pretty bad, because Life has been punching me in the gut lately. But I visited your page and I feel so much better now - i think I'll be able to stand the blows now. :hug:
bohemianpoets Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
:hug: That's so lovely, that I bring that comfort to you :heart: I wish I were around more, I will be noting you in a little while
ScribbledNotes Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
:heart: :heart: :heart:
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Thanx for watch most appreciated
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Hello, darling! Just wanted to thank you for the :+fav: on my work

Wish you a beautiful day!
Andra :dalove:
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