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Submitted on
July 30, 2008
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Display any old sentences, and i'll secretly  fall apart.

I'm unspeakably  numb.

between black smoke and white umbrellas,  silence ran away.

your arms wrapped around my mind

Behind ears ,

            With paper thin whispers.

There are wet footprints on the floor, after dry rain.

Silhouettes under the window sil

warm, peppered words slept underneath your eyes

seething through your lips, you've erased me.

grief table stumbles

      a            l                                                                  e          
                            l                                              v                             r
                                        e n                 O

I need all of you.

"I cant find forever in your eyes
I will leave you while they're dry."

In This  bulletproof glass with eyes closed

still hard to say whats going on.

with fingers roaming through tears

S t a y

Helpless and beautiful.
somewhat a current continuation of [link]
Rain In a black box

similar mind frame, regardless of how much you think you know, how you feel. the heart is a crazy heavy thing to burden. and when mistreated it simply Collapses.

i guess i will be traveling for two weeks from tomorrow so i will write more, sketch. etc.

Listening to: Muse /Radiohead / Nine In Nails / Porcupine tree/ Death Cab For Cutie.

basically a result of sleepless night and many thoughts.

*not here, gone gone*
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still a hard to say

could that be

'still hard to say' or still is hard to say?
bohemianpoets Jul 2, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
"still hard to say"
curse my epic typing skills, i really should read over it slower

thank you :aww:
i have been admiring this for a time.
very good. but sil is spelled sill.
you make nice complete ideas with little filler.
Madfairy7 Jan 10, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Featured in my newest journal <3
bohemianpoets Jul 2, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
thank you! most kind :aww:
sorry for the dissapearance, the computer didn't become operational until today, and before that I'd had limited access to myspace through my cellphone. I didn't even think to try it until it was already a day too late.

This is beautiful all in all <999 :hug:
Lovely :heart: The words as well as the visual way in which you put them together...They seem to pin down what I feel right now, you know?
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